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Course Rating

We have a responsibility to assess every affiliated course in Hampshire Golf for Rating in a 10 year cycle. 

The procedure on the day is quite labour intensive and usually requires between 3 and 5 people in order to assess the course within about five hours. This is then followed up by submitting reports to the USGA via England Golf.   When multiple tees are involved the process can often take longer. To satisfy the USGA, each Lead Assessor can take up to 12 months to train and in the past we have only been allowed to carry out assessments between April and October.

We are proud to have such enthusiastic volunteers help us and our Lead Raters oversaw a program that meant Hampshire, Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands had completed every assessment before the introduction of WHS. We continue to maintain our rotation as well as re-visit clubs who have either made changes, or want tees rated for different genders.

We are also responsible for processing temporary ratings for either winter courses or courses undergoing alterations. 

Should you want any information about your current rating, a future rating or even a temporary rating then please contact our Course Rating Manager, Nicky Harden via email and we'll be happy to start the process.

Nicky's email is:

Club Resources

The following respources have been developed to allow clubs to apply for changes to their tee, course and club data on the World Handicap System:

 - CR001 Application for adding tee sets to the England Golf WHS platform
 - CR002 Application for course re-rating due to planned course changes
 - CR003 Application for temporary rating for existing WHS rated tees
 - CR004 For par, yardage, stroke index and software provider changes
 - CR005 Application for WHS Stroke Index allocation suggestions
 - Application for Course Ratings
 - Application process for 9-hole ratings
 - Par, Stroke Index and Hole changes on the WHS portal
 - Stroke indices change process
 - Credentials change request

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