Hampshire Golf Limited

What We Do

Affiliation fees from Hampshire Golfers contribute to the advancement of various developmental initiatives within the region, including the following areas...
  • Organise and execute elite golf competitions, including the County Championships and other County-level events, catering to golfers of all ages.
  • Manage County Teams representing Hampshire at regional and national levels, fostering a platform for hard working and dedicated players to showcase their skills and talent.
  • Run multiple season long Junior Tours and Order Of Merits catering for young golfers aged between 6 and 18. 
  • Implement and enhance programs specifically focused on attracting and developing young golfers, fostering a pathway for their entry and progression in the game within Hampshire, thereby contributing to the growth and sustainability of golf in the region.
  • Implement coaching programs and County events to systematically identify and develop talented golf players across different age groups, ensuring an environment conducive to the success of future golf superstars.
  •  Facilitate the progression of elite players from local clubs to national representation, positioning the County as a crucial step in their development towards higher levels, such as the England team.
  • Ensure accurate course ratings for Hampshire golf courses in alignment with World Handicap System (WHS) guidelines, leveraging a dedicated team of 26 volunteers on a 10-year rotation to handle the complexities introduced by the system.
  • Provide education and advice on handicapping and rules to maintain competition integrity, acting as a primary resource for WHS queries and support, as recognised by England Golf.
  •  Administer and give FREE access to the County Card scheme, delivering added value to both Hampshire golf clubs and players, while serving as a supportive resource for affiliated clubs.
  • Act as a supportive entity for all Hampshire affiliated Clubs, fostering collaboration and offering valuable assistance.
  • Serve as an effective liaison between England Golf and Hampshire Clubs, representing the interests of Hampshire Clubs during the voting on England Golf policies.
  •  Emphasise the contribution of every member of a Hampshire affiliated club to the success of English golf and beyond, showcasing the achievements of golfers who have progressed through the Hampshire system to play on tours, participate in Ryder Cup Teams, and even achieve major victories.

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